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massive boner for unnirs & 87liners

((finally learnt how to make gifs just for spica & kim boa))

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2 September 14

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1 September 14

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someone needs to stop sojin.

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EUAERIN140829 Korea Polytechnic Festival© 33,2°C // do not edit 

140829 Korea Polytechnic Festival
© 33,2°C // do not edit 

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my #1 liferuiner kim boa {14/∞} smug ass

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spica are set to debut with a subunit, spica.s, with a single on september 12th. the ‘s’ stands for “special”. juhyun, jiwon, narae and bohyung will be included in the unit. in the meantime, boa is preparing a solo project. (kor_celebrities)

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Minguk and Manse~ Awwwww~

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requested: a gif(set) of Sojin impersonating Chu Sarang on her recent appearance of Full House.

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jiwon stubbornly refusing to rank her members by looks but still agreeing that juhyun is “spica’s no. 1 beauty queen”

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"sitting like a boss" song manse

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